Our organisation’s aim is to create and develop free, non-commercial online commons. We currently operate Quitter.se, Kompisen.se and Aneditor.be. We also provide free hosting for a few musicians and artists who we think make the world a little better.
Members are those who are actively involved in the work with the servers and websites. Contact us if you think you can be of help.
Our servers are located in Sweden. Most of the hardware is rescued and repaired, to reduce costs and environmental impact.
If you want to support us financially, we are very grateful if you decide to donate to the organisation. All money is used to cover utility costs, internet connection fees and maybe some hardware in the future.
En Kompis Kompis means “A friend’s friend” in Swedish.

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Juan Riquelme

Juan Riquelme ha donado a En kompis kompis # 06.02.2015

Para apoyar el desarrollo de Quitter, que brinda un servicio alternativo a Twitter libre (basado en GNU social).

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